Compare best oven ranges 2013 prices

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Looking to bake a pie or just heat up some pizza rolls? We’ve got the best oven ranges, no matter how much you cook (or want to spend)

Our team of experts has selected the best gas ranges out of hundreds of with precise digital settings for its ample convection oven and an attractive cook topAn extra–easy-to-use gas range, plus a double oven, makes this our champ Tons of features, including griddle burner; warm, pizza, and bread-proofing options; andGE, LG, Samsung, KitchenAid and Kenmore make the top-performing gas and electric ranges, whether you're looking for a single or double-oven; or a regular or inductionLooking for the best range? Broiling is impressive or better on recommended ranges, and the oven is large and self-cleaning and scored Good or betterThe best gas ranges include burners with a varying range of BTUs for different cooking styles As we examined wall ovens for our top 10 list, we considered